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Phys. Rev. B: "Breakdown of the field-induced superconductivity by dynamical spin reversal"
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(Recent) Research Interest/Ε‹ί‚ΜŒ€‹†
My research interest (underconstruction)/Ž„‚̍ŋ߂̋»–‘(HŽ–’†)

(Previous) Research Interest/Μ‚β‚Α‚Δ‚½Œ€‹†
Research interest (outdated)

Here's my experiment instruments/Œ€‹†‚𐋍s‚·‚ι‚½‚ί‚Μ‘•’u—ނ̏Љξ

Doctoral Thesis/D˜_
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Curriculum Vitae/—š—π‘
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